Geomatika University College’s (GUC) APEL (C) Centre is designed to promote and support Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning – credit award for learners. This Centre responsible in managing, monitoring, develop, maintaining and exercising any matters in regards to APEL (C).

Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is the recognition by the University, for its academic purposes of prior learning that has taken place elsewhere and prior to a student commencing their studies at the University. APEL has the capacity to make a significant contribution to Higher Education’s remit to widen participation, promote social inclusion, employability, and partnership working with business, community organizations and other higher education providers nationally and internationally.


  • To provide recognition for learning acquired from non-formal and informal sources
  • To reduce the duplication of learning or learning of the same/similar content
  • To encourage participation of adults in higher education by recognizing their prior experiential learning in the form of credits awarded; and
  • To encourage continuous learning and promotes the positive aspects of an individual’s learning experience.


  • To provide GUC and relevant stakeholders with essential information pertaining to the processes and procedures in the implementation of APEL (C)
  • To outline the policies on the implementation of APEL (C)
  • To develop, arrange and process the assessment instruments used to award credits
  • To develop, maintain and exercise APEL (C) application procedures to learner and other stakeholders
  • To ensure an effective, transparent and quality-assured practice of APEL (C) that will instill confidence in the outcomes of the APEL (C) processes.


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