• The award of credits through APEL (C) is in the form of credit transfer where it does not involve the transfer of grades. However, the credits awarded for the course will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation.
  • The maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL (C) is 30% of the total graduating credits of specific programme of study.
  • For both Challenge Test and/or Portfolio Based Assessment, learners must achieve at least 50% of each course learning outcome.
  • Credit transfer through APEL (C) can be an addition to the existing formal credit transfer.
  • Credits awarded through APEL (C) can be transferred automatically to another programme within the same institution if the course for which credits have been awarded through APEL (C) has the same learning outcomes.
  • The credits awarded must be equivalent to the credit value of the course applied for APEL (C). Award of partial credits will not be allowed.
  • Credits awarded for a course are only applicable to the specific course applied for. Credits are not automatically applicable to pre-requisites (if any) of the specific course
  • Assessment for credit award should be carried out separately for each course. *Credit award cannot be granted on a block basis.
    *Example – Assessment for Accounting (I) course should be made separately with Accounting (II)
  • The maximum credit transfer allowed through APEL (C) at various MQF levels is as below:

Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF) Minimum Graduating Credits 30% from the minimum credits
Level 8: Doctoral Degree
(Applicable only to coursework and mixed modes)
80 24
Level 7: Master’s Degree
(Applicable only to coursework and mixed modes)
40 12
Level 6: Bachelor’s Degree 120 36
Level 4: Diploma 90 27
Level 3: Certificate 60 18


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