• Credit will only be awarded against authenticated documentary evidence of learning and not for specific experiences. It is the achievement or outcomes of learning that is being recognized.
  • APEL (C) cannot be used to retrieve a failed module.
  • Decisions regarding the APEL (C) are an academic judgement. The APEL (C) process has the same status as any other assessment process in the University and follows parallel processes.
  • The decision making process and the outcomes for APEL (C) claims will be transparent and demonstrably rigorous and fair.
  • Collaborative partners delivering awards validated by a University will be expected to adhere to that University‚Äôs principles, procedures and processes for APEL (C).
  • APEL (C) can be implemented for all areas and levels of qualifications in the Malaysian Qualification Register (MQR) except for final year project-based subject and dissertations. For postgraduate level of study, the credit award is limited only to the courses in programmes conducted via coursework and mixed modes.
  • APEL (C) can be confined to courses in programmes that have obtained at least provisional accreditation from MQA
  • Courses that form part of the programme structure under professional bodies are subjected to acceptance by relevant professional bodies.


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